Only A Touch (Paperback)

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Only A Touch (Paperback)


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A new entrant to USA Today Bestselling author Delancey Stewart's Kasper Ridge series of connected standalones will give you all the feels

I've got a plan to get out of this tiny town and off to the adventure I've been dreaming of. I'm just missing one tiny thing to pull this plan off... a boyfriend.

I've been running the Kasper Ridge Guides and Gear shop since after high school. And for a long time, it's been enough. But when I final in a contest to win the adventure of a lifetime, I'm ready to head out and see the world outside this tiny Colorado town.

The only problem? My inside source says the contest organizers want to give the prize to a couple. And I'm decidedly single.

Luckily, I've become good friends with Travis, a ridiculously handsome, intimidatingly large former fighter pilot. He's unavailable in every sense of the word. Or at least that's what I think...until we kiss in a moment of passion I never expected. And then suddenly, leaving town doesn't seem like such a great plan.

Pretending to be in love with Travis isn't hard, and the cameras following us around for the week capture some footage that make it look like it's not too hard for him, either.

But then an "unresolved issue" from Travis's past shows up at the resort and reminds me exactly why I don't date tall, gorgeous men in the first place.

Product Details ISBN: 9781956195095
ISBN-10: 1956195092
Publisher: Evident Ink Books
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 268
Language: English